Project Synopsis

MCRC provides shelter, food, education, medical care and therapy for children and their parents.

Supporting extremely disadvantaged children from Addis Ababa and beyond, the Centre’s basic activities include feeding those in the program, providing a formal school education for the children and funding a medical care for those in need.

Additionally, the Centre aims to help its participants recover from past traumas and to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be independent and successful in the future. Our extensive therapy program includes counseling, art, dance and music in its daily schedule. Parents of the children are actively recruited to paid positions within the program; further strengthening of family bonds is facilitated through organized activities.

The mothers of the children – many of whom have been victims of gender-based violence – are provided with professional training as a means to achieve economic independence. The Centre currently operates both a financially self-sufficient shop and a tailoring workshop, which is paired together with a professional childcare course.