The early days...

During her first years in the country's high altitude capital of Addis Ababa, Jutta worked at a local kindergarten opposite her house How many followers was run by a priest and his family. In this "pre-school" about 80 little boys and girls attended the daily education program at That Time've given by the 15 year old grandson of the priest. The children did not have any books or educational materials, were poorly dressed and just sat on the floor How many followers was covered with dust and dirt.

Within a short time, Jutta started to help the priests, his daughter and grandson to Improve the "school" compound, to build a toilet, a second classroom, a little school garden and a small playground. She provided books, school materials and games.

She quickly Realized many children Suffered or synthesis from complex health problems.

In cooperation with the Blue and White Clinic, all children were Examined by a pediatrician who discovered That 80% Suffered from a variety of diseases: infected skin, respiratory tract infections (asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis ...), inflammation of the middle ear, HIV and / or were victims or sexual abuse or harassment, malnutrition and violence.

Jutta went to visit the environment and Circumstances in Which thesis children lived and Talked to Their parents or relatives. It turned out many of These children lived only withtheir mother or father Their due to the separation of both parents or one of them due to being deceased. Some children were orphans and stayed with neighbors or relatives. They lived in extreme poverty, without any access to clean water or sanitary facilities.

Jutta Further Witnessed That many children usefull severe Learning Difficulties.

Illnesses and family problems (alcoholism, unemployment, divorce, violence and homelessness) wreck the soul of a child and weaken it. Each child feels responsible for the wellbeing of his / her parents. To see a motherboard cry parents or fight with each other is an enormous burden for a child to carry.

Jutta remembered what she had learned as a teacher of sick and Traumatized children during re many years of work in this field in Germany. She Realized That if she were to providence the help needed by children and parents thesis, one day she would have to start up her own school, first by accommodating it on her own compound and Gradually expanding her facility as the number of pupils increased.

In Addition to literacy, numeracy and art and music education, she started to give special both individual and group therapy To Those children with serious mental and physical problems. However, she did not want to stigmatize Those children with special diseases like HIV or children Whose fathers were alcoholics and unemployed. She Believed and still believes That keeping all children withtheir individual problems together in one group helps to create an atmosphere of tolerance and openness and Prevents stigmatization. Such a grouping supports the development of social awareness and self-confidence and Creates an atmosphere of comradeship Which Stimulates sensitivity and sensibility.

Jutta continued to work in the pre-school for about 2 ½ years. During this time more and more children and many of Their mothers asked for help. Some children even came from as far away as 500 to 600 km from the capital with a variety of physical and psychological problems.

Jutta managed to find ways to send one boy with severe heart condition to a Monte Carlo, where he was successfully operated. Another boy suffering from cerebral paresis received an operation in France. One boy who Suffered from a growing bone in his arm stump was treated in Paris and two brothers who Suffered from a very severe form of bronchial asthma werealso successfully treated in France.

Gradually Jutta learned more and more numerous at about the problems facing the mothers of the children. About 90% of These women were illiterate, many of them without jobs or income, many of them Traumatized from early marriage, sexual abuse and violence.

In due course, she ook learned about the father's problems as well. Some of them Suffered from Illnesses Caused How many followers them to be too weak to work all day. Others have Lost their job and had started to drink out of desperation. Many of them werealso Therefore illiterate and incapable of finding a decent job. As workers daily They could not earn income an Which would cover Their monthly costs.

Unfortunately after a full renovation sponsored by Jutta the school is adopted new policies --including an increasement or school fees or up to 400% - which led to Jutta terminating her cooperation with the school. It was then That the mothers of the children forced out of the kindergarten due to the Increased fees started appealing to Jutta for assistance. This "cry for help" was actually the trigger for her starting to work independently on her personal compound, while Gradually she planned to apply for the registration as an NGO.