Standing on own legs...

The scope of Jutta's private project broadened continuously as the contact with mothers Intensified thesis. She Began to support the women themelves as well as expanding the activities for the children. As the news spread, the Missionaries of Charity ook sent some children to Jutta upon realizing, the great benefit That could result from the professional work and therapy programs. In return, Jutta's project was bootable to receive some funding through a cooperative agreement.

Presently, this agreement has now run its course as Jutta's operations have now Become large enough to warrant independence.

Now working with Approximately 100 children and 60 mothers / women Jutta That found out about:

  • 80% of the children Suffered from different kind of diseases
  • 10% of the children from HIV Suffered
  • 90% were malnourished
  • 75% of the children had severe learning Difficulties
  • 85% of the mothers / women were illiterate
  • 70% of the mothers / women were Traumatized from early marriage and / or violence
  • 95% of the mothers / women worked as daily workers
  • 100% of the mothers / women wanted to get a chance to change Their Lives by studying and / or getting a workout.

While rehabilitating children, mothers / fathers and women, Jutta practices the basic value of all world religions: love and respect towards eachother. Rehabilitated children, mothers / fathers and women will Become responsible and tolerant CB as well as sensitive and supportive members of Ethiopian society and beyond.

To Achieve the above goal Jutta created a specialized rehabilitation center near the place where she lives, for Which she now holds a license to operate as a legalized * local NGO under the name MCRC, Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center.

* MCRC is Officially licensed and registered with the Charities and Societies Agency of the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice (contact: + 251-11-1577138 or as of March 30th 2010 certificate bearing the number 1735