A life of dedication and inspiration

Before coming to Ethiopia, Jutta was a professional teacher for 25 years with the Helen Keller School at Wilhelm's University Hospital in Muenster, Germany. She worked in an integrated setting alongside medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, social workers, and other teachers taking care of ill children who were hospitalized for long periods of time. These children Suffered from a variety of Illnesses (cancer, neurological diseases, victims of car accidents ...)-including mental Illnesses Caused by trauma or at due to social instability, extreme poverty, family alcoholism, sexual abuse or parental divorce. Some children werealso subject to anorexia, bulimia or in danger of committing suicide device.


Thanks to re-work in this professional setting Jutta has great experience in working with mentally disturbed and sick children as well as with Their parents. The Latter experienced or at Difficult Circumstances in Their lives and Their health, mental equilibrium and social relationships were impaired or at.


Important goals for children and parents thesis included strengthening the will to recover, reinforcement or self-esteem end follow-up on educational objectives.