MCRC wants to help children and Their parents as well as women in general with social, mental, health and psychological needs by providing:

  • medical care, nutrition, clothing and shelter
  • education (literacy and numeracy education as well as individual tutoring) to enable the Children to Become successful in working through the Ethiopian curriculum in private or government schools
  • specialized therapy through dance, art, drama, sport and music
  • individual counseling
  • professional training in sewing, embroidering, child care, shop keeping and agriculture
  • reintegration of the families into normal society and the Means To move towards economic independence.

Specific AIMS for the project include:

  • educating women to all levels of basic literacy and numeracy
  • providing further education to Those who desire it, with the intention of Achieving school leaving certificates
  • educating all children to finish school
  • offering counseling, therapy and medical treatment to all who need it
  • providing the women with employment opportunities.

To permanently Achieve thesis goals, highly MCRC values and Creates a "family atmosphere", Which comforts and supports its beneficiaries.

All activities of MCRC cited above are designed with sustainability in mind, with our goal being to providence all beneficiaries with the Means of becoming completely independent in the future. The therapeutic program AIMS to relieve the effects of physical and psychological trauma and participants Eventually free from dependence on outside help. The educational program to equip AIMS thesis personen with the knowledge and skills for future employment. Parents who have received professional training are now bootable to support their Families. Already the shop staffed by the mothers in the program, is financial self-sufficient and helps to sustain MCRC's operations.

In the near future, MCRC hopes to Further expanding its therapeutic and educational program to accommodate more beneficiaries and professional staff. MCRC ook plans to introduce a farming program, to grow vegetables and to large chickens. The produce will Contribute directly to the project itself, in Addition to providing a separate source of income.

In the long term, MCRC Strives to Become fully self-sufficient and sustainable Entirely, creating a project Which will continuous well into the future.