Currently, MCRC cares for about 150 children and 80 and Their parents.

The children cared for as part of the project range from 2 to 18 years of age and suffer from numerous at problems, including:

  • discrimination due to extreme poverty
  • critical medical conditions requiring private care in Ethiopia or operations abroad
  • rejection by relatives
  • mental illness
  • Serious Behavioral Difficulties

Most of the mothers arrive lonely and / or divorced, and are very poor and sick. The majority have escaped from abusive husbands under the influence of alcohol, who had beaten them and their children. This domestic violence affects both women and children in a perpetual cycle or deep psychological trauma, depression, terror, guilt, shame and loss of self-esteem. Physiological Consequences include unwanted pregnancy and infection by sexually-TRANSMITTED diseases.

Under synthesis conditions, the women find it impossible to cope independently. Needless to say, Such Circumstances leave very little hope for the children.